The Most Appropriate Way to Use a Pumice Stone For Feet

By on October 27, 2020
Pumice Stone For Feet

So you want flawless looking feet just like your face. Getting soft, supple, and clear feet is not an easy feat. Well, it is not that tough too. But, how? All you need is a straightforward ingredient to get gorgeous looking feet, and that is pumice stone. Pumice stones do wonders for your feet, and that has been proven for ages.

Also, not just for feet. Pumice stones are used widely for different purposes. But this notable will tell you the best way and the fantastic benefits of using the pumice stone to get flawless feet. Pumice stone is the only natural way that can help you in getting impressive feet skin.

How to use a pumice stone for feet?

Let’s check out the best way of using the pumice stone for feet, which will motivate you to use them right away!

  1. Prepare your feet

Preparation of your feet is essential before you use the pumice stone. Soak your feet in warm water using the bathtub or food bowl. This step will make your feet soft and ready to get more clean and supple.

  1. Sit back and start scrubbing

Now sit on a clean surface like a shower seat or at the end of the bathtub and start rubbing the pumice stone on your heels and other rough sides of your feet. Make sure to use the best quality pumice stone. This step will remove all the dead skin cells from your feet.

  1. Pat dry your feet

Once you are done removing and exfoliating your feet’ dead skin cells, make sure that your skin feels soft now. Now take a dry towel and pat dry your feet.

  1. Do not forget to moisturize

Once your feet are dried up, make sure to moisturize your delicate feet with your body butter or body lotion. Then you can put on cotton socks, and that will do wonders for your feet.

Note- Always clean your pumice stone after using it.

You don’t want to use a fully germs accumulated pumice stone the next time. Therefore take a brush and clean your pumice stone with some antiseptic or soap. If you want, you can also boil your pumice stone in some water and dry it. This will kill all the bacteria caught up on your pumice stone.

Make sure to change your pumice stone once it starts tearing or breaking off into small pieces. You can easily find a great variety of pumice stone online and include them in your pedicure kit.


 The majority of people use a pumice stone to scrub and exfoliate their hands and feet as it is one of the best natural ways to instantly get soft and smooth skin. Other than that, there are many other uses of pumice stones too. Also, people often get infused whether pumice stone is an herb or a rock. Well, the research says it’s just a stone that has a cooling effect. The only concern is to be generous and invest in purchasing the best quality of pumice stone. This will protect your skin from getting dry and prime to other skin issues.

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