The Wise Choice on Diamond Rings

By on March 3, 2020
Choice on Diamond Rings

Have you ever thought of the story behind any diamond jewellery? Yes each one of them will have some stories wrapped with emotions and love. The diamond rings will be the first jewellery gift that most of the beautiful wives got from their men and they always cherish the warmth of that relationship. The efforts put by the men in choosing that will never be small as there are many factors to consider while buying the diamond jewellery.

Think about how much to spend

One must be confronted with many logics while choosing an engagement diamond ring. So better fix the price range before start shopping. Before stepping into the jewellery, understand some specific parameters so that your jeweller may help you. Also do your homework to learn about the 4Cs of the diamond- the cut, clarity, carat, and colour. Also, how the variation in each of these parameters will affect the diamond d price.

Understand the taste of your partner

Try to put attention on the normal jewellery she is wearing. From that, you may get an idea about her preferences like classic, trendy or contemporary. Does she like the chunky or delicate ornaments, the stones or gold-like things will help you to buy the jewellery of her choice? You can always make the right choices by following her ornamental routines. Also, take the correct measurement of the ring size with an olden ring so that the last moment confusions can be erased out.

Know the favourite shape and cutting style

We wear the engagement ring every day of the marriage life. The diamond ring should match with all the attires from modern to classic and even casuals. So stick with the specific cuts and shapes which people always preferred in their life. The combinational shapes give a gorgeous look to the multi stone diamond rings. The round and oval are the most preferred shapes and the pear and heart shapes are more challenging. 

Some trendy rings in use

  • Solitaire

This is a single stone ring that is very popular as an engagement ring. The prongs position the single stone in an appropriate place. There may be four or six prongs to secure the stone tightly. Sometimes we can see a bezel setting also but it restricts the reflectance of the diamond.

  • Three stone

In this model, a combination of three diamonds will be there. All the diamonds are of equal cut. The centre stone will be a little bigger than the side stones.

  • Flower diamond ring

These are innovative diamond ring designs with different patterns of flowers on it.  By changing the number of stones, and positioning, you can make different floral patterns on the ring which will be stunning. 

Winding up,

The choice of diamond rings on your engagement day is as important as the choice of your partner. Knowing the diamond quality and approaching a stalwart in the field will help you out in exploring more about the trendy diamond rings. Know your partner’s choices, learn the basics of diamond quality and step into the best diamond dealer in the country.

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