3 Railway Routes You Should Never Miss in India

By on February 21, 2020
Railway Routes

Many people are always curious about traveling, are you one of them? Well, if that is the case then which mode of transportation you like the most? There are many families that prefer to go by train because they love railways. The reason is simple that they get a chance to acquaint themselves with myriad of sites, scenes and landscapes. Similarly, this mode of transportation is much more affordable.

There are features and facilities out there that make the traveling comfortable for the passengers for example one can easily know about the railway running status and many other things. Mostly people travel by train when they are to go to some specific place or destination. You know what, there are myriad of places that you can go to by train because Indian railways keep all the cities, hamlets and areas connected. But have you especially taken a journey for route sake? Exactly, there are some railway routes that can give you a memorable time. Have a look at some of the routes below and you would be filled with rejuvenation.


It is the train that links you to both the thrilling and special spots Mumbai and Goa is one that caters a gorgeous experience. It runs between Sahyadri hills on one side and Arabian Sea on the other.  You can always find folks talking about these two thrilling places. One for its glamorous and tight life and the other for the vacation mood it sets you in. Going through ninety two tunnels and on two thousand bridges, the exciting route provides you with valuable moments after every couple of seconds with immeasurable stretches of water, splendid paddy tones, and hamlets under the shades of splashing coconut trees.

Kanyakumari –Trivandrum

It is going to be a tiny and sweet train journey, but one thing is for sure; it would be flooded with delicious sensory ticklers, the exciting journey takes you through splendid coconut trees and gliding past characteristic Tamil and Keralitechi. Gopurams and elaborately decorated temples along with typical and gorgeous Keralite churches and a fully different chic of architecture will welcome you with high spirits. The train goes through indeed South India’s most picturesque sites. You are definitely going to have a great time out there!

Vasco Da Gama to Londa

The journey from Vasco Da Gama in the area of Goa to the place known as Londa in Karnataka provides the passengers the contentment they can just derive by seeing pristine Goan hamlet’s zoo by their windows.  The route goes up to Western Ghats with the landscapes changes to luxurious greenery and wading mountains.  The moment the vegetation diminishes, gorgeous waterfalls steal the show.  You can experience the refreshing sprinkles of water on face because of the magnificent force it pours with.  The most appropriate time to go for this exciting train trip would be after monsoon when one can enjoy the lively red colour of clay soil.

So, these routes are always a delight to go on. You should leisurely go for such a train journey for a great experience.

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