Usefulness of Emerald or Panna in Astrology

By on March 16, 2020
Panna in Astrology

The Panna or emerald is a beautiful looking stone that has a high significance in Vedic astrology. The planet Mercury governs the powers of this stone. The main reason for wearing an emerald is to strengthen the position of mercury in the horoscope and create a positive effect on life. The real Panna combines Beryllium and Aluminium and can be a deep shade of green or even a light one. Finding a flawless emerald is not an easy job. The perfect stone has to be smooth with a velvety sheen and no dots or cracks. The search for this perfect peace often leads to a high price of the stone.

The word emerald is supposedly translated from “marakatha” which in Sanskrit means the green colour of things that are growing. Etymologically, the current word “emerald” comes from a Greek word which was translated into Latin and from which developed the word emerald. This stone has always been associated with the planet Mercury and is typically a sign of hope. It is believed that the wearer of the stone is vested with wisdom. The most powerful time for wearing an emerald is Spring. It is also believed to be lucky for love and makes the wearer faithful to his better half.

Why wear an Emerald?

A real panna is considered extremely valuable in the fashion world because of its greenish sheen and appeal. In the astrological world also, this stone bears special importance and is much sought-after by people of all classes. People whose birth charts are affected by Mercury are most definitely recommended the emerald. Men and women belonging to Virgo, Capricorn, Libra, Gemini ascendant and Aquarius ascendant are also eligible. You should wear it only after consulting a professional astrologer.

Which professions can benefit from it

People associated with various professions find the emerald very useful in their growth and prosperity. The stone improves memory, speech, interrogative power and wisdom. It also enhances generosity and affection. An emerald helps in maintaining health, happiness, wealth and brings a reduction in in the chances of snake bites. It is also extremely useful for controlling blood circulation and mental stress.

People in professions like trade and business or appearing for competitive exams will find emeralds extremely useful because they enhance the powers of memory, intellect and analytics. If you are into professions like music, education, writing, judiciary, or government jobs then you will find this stone extremely useful.

People dealing in profession like paediatrics, general medicine, or doctors related to the eyes, brain and ears will find that an emerald boosts their powers and helps them to grow and prosper. Therefore, irrespective of the panna stone price in India it is worth buying the same.

How to wear an emerald

To properly wear a Panna you must first consult a proper astrology and enquire how many carats you should wear. Normally, a person should not wear anything less than at least three carats for the proper effect of the stone. You should wear it on a Wednesday in the morning. Ensure proper care while you are wearing the stone. The surface of the Panna should not get any scratch. For cleaning, you can use a mild detergent, some warm water and a soft brush.

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