6 Useful Tips to Check if Your Diamond is the Real Thing

By on January 1, 2021
Useful Tips to Check if Your Diamond

Brisbane is the capital city of the state of Queensland, Australia. Brisbane is the third most populous city of Australia with the population around 2.5 million (in 2019). Most world cities also envy Brisbane as it gets an average of 280 days of sunshine per year. This makes Brisbane ideal for outdoor weddings.

The average price of engagement rings in Brisbane is $5,134. The bulk of this price is on the diamond that is set on the ring. If you plan to purchase an engagement ring, it is best to check for the diamond’s authenticity. There are many fake gemstones, most especially fake diamonds, that are being marketed in the world. Although the best option is to have the diamond appraised by your trusted jeweller, this will cost you a lot. So here are some tips on how to spot a fake diamond.

  1. Check the Four Cs

The first thing to do is to determine the 4C’s of diamonds. These are created to establish a standard for diamonds to protect consumers of gemstones. They are cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. They can help to know whether a diamond is real or just a nuisance.

  1. Check the Rating

Always ask for a GIA certificate. It must come from unbiased diamond certifying agencies such as the Jewellers Association of Australia or any independent appraiser with affiliations to professional diamond grading associations. This is essential, especially if you are purchasing a stone online.

  1. Observe the Sparkle

You must first look through the diamond. Diamonds have a high refractive index. This means that diamonds are able to bend light easily. The refractive ability of diamonds is an inherent property which cannot be altered. If the stone you are looking at does not have the refractive ability, then that stone is most likely not a diamond.

  1. Observe the Reflections of the Diamond

Real diamonds will usually reflect shades of grey with a few sparks of colours known as diamond fire. However, when you see the entire rainbow colours within the stone, or if the stone produces a “disco ball effect” and throws rainbow sparkles in all directions then that stone may be a diamond substitute such as cubic zirconia or moissanite.

  1. Check the Weight

You can spot a fake diamond by checking its weight. Diamonds are weighed using the carat system. One carat is equal to 0.200 grams. So, if you do not have a carat scale, use a scale that can show you the weight in milligrams. The carat rating of the stone that you bought should be accurate when you weigh it.

  1. Other Tests

It is not recommended to buy a diamond tester, but this can quickly tell if a stone is a true diamond or a substitute. You may also test the stone using a heat probe. A real diamond diffuses heat quickly and will not heat up. This would only take about 30 seconds. And lastly, if you put the diamond in the water and if it sinks, it is real and it will float if it’s a fake.

The above tips on spotting a fake diamond may help you avoid embarrassment, especially when finding diamond engagement rings in Brisbane.

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