Freeze Your Food to Keep Your Cooking Fresh for Weeks to Come

By on May 17, 2020
Freeze Your Food

One easy and convenient cooking-technique suited to the quarantine lifestyle is to make extra food and freeze your cooking for future meals. You can also simply prepare all the food you need for a week ahead of time, and freeze it to enjoy later. Here are some general tips on how you can freeze your food to keep your cooking fresh for longer.

Separate The Food You Want To Store First

When making a large batch of food, first separate the amount you want to use from the amount you want to refrigerate for later. If you refrigerate leftovers you are likely to have allowed the food to decay for a few hours already. The freshness of the leftovers, even after freezing, will not last as long. Hence, segregate the food before you put it on the table, instead of putting in food that has been sitting out for hours.

Monitor Your Freezer’s Temperature

Ensure the temperature of your freezer is under 0° F. Some of the best refrigerator in India come equipped with a temperature dial that you can monitor. If your refrigerator is not equipped with this screen, consider keeping an appliance thermometer in your refrigerator. Another way you can assess whether your freezer is cool enough to preserve food long-term is to look at the condition of any ice cream stored in it. If the ice cream is not brick hard, then your freezer is not cool enough.

Store and Consume Perishables First

Different foods require different storage techniques. Perishable foods need to be kept out for less than two hours at a time. At room temperature, a single bacterium in a perishable item could grow 2,097,152 bacteria in just seven hours. Hence, experts recommend storing perishable items in cold conditions as quickly as possible and consuming them within four days. Examples of perishable foods include tofu, eggs, meat, poultry, fish, dairy product, rice, pasta, cooked vegetables, and chopped fruit.

Freeze Food In Portion Sizes

One tip to freezing food such that you do not keep it fresh for longer is to freeze it in portion sizes you will require for future meals. When you freeze your food in batches, you are not putting in any leftovers into your freezer. As explained, leftovers have a lower shelf life. Hence, you are consuming all the food you have stored with every meal.

Invest in Freezer Bags

Invest in ‘freezer’ bags, and not ‘storage’ bags to store your food in your freezer. A freezer bag is thicker than a standard storage bag. Hence, freezer bags keep food fresh for longer. You can also store liquids like soups, daals, stews, and curries in freezer bags. By taking a thin flat shape of the bag, these foods freeze faster and thaw quicker in a freezer. A round shape takes longer to freeze so avoid using bowls to store foods in the freezer. Another benefit of flat bags is that they are easier to stack together in a freezer.


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