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Our father is our strength. He is like the pillar of the family who no matter what situation comes, stands as a shield to protect us. He hardly shows his emotion or express his wishes to us. He is the one who fulfills all our dreams even before we ask anything from him. On your father’s birthday, let him know how fortunate you are to have him. It doesn’t always require the gifts to be pricey but some thoughtful gestures can make a lot of difference in the way we gift. Anyhow, there is no limit to a gift’s cost when you would want to surprise the one who has done everything for you. So, here are a few respectful, funny, and unique gifts and gifting ideas that can help you reciprocate the love and care to your father on his birthday. And most of these won’t cost you much!

Make it fun-filled with a coupon book or list

Let your father take a break from his daily work and stressed life. Only you can make it successful as he will hardly ask for a leave on his birthday. So, make a coupon book for him with coupons like, “One outing at the sunrise”, “One hour gardening”, “Breakfast in bed”, “A day with my daughter or son”, “a couple of hours with my best friend or childhood buddies” or anything else that you think can make him happy. You can make this list for a week or for a day, it is up to your and your father’s willingness to join you in this sweet game.  Describe the rules of the coupon book. And tell him that he can do and ask for anything from you that day. Let the child come out from a matured man that day! Pamper him. He’ll love it!

 Some birthday gifts to encourage his hobbies

If your father is retired or has some for time when he does nothing but sleep or watches news, then surprise him with something that he will use for his enjoyment. If he loves to write, gift him a diary. Or if he loves singing, get him some karaoke music tracks. Gift him a set of painting brush with canvas copy or a painting kit if you know that he loves to paint.

Make some fun things with pictures

Collect his childhood memories and all the best pictures from his album. Make a timeline with quotes and labels. Arrange them together on his bedroom wall with frames and quotes. And make sure everything is done well when he is out of home or asleep. When he finally sees it, he’s in for a great surprise!

Surprise party at home!

Call up his best friends, relatives and every other person that he loves to spend time with. It would be of so much fun. You can make a slide of some pictures and present it before the cake cut to all the guests. Let him share the story behind each picture and let his friends participate in it. You can also set up a barbeque in your balcony if you want. May be later afterwards everyone can join him with the funny anecdotes. If you have any old picture album, or video tape, you can play that on for the guests or just for him. Everyone loves to cherish old memories and he will do it for sure as well.  This can be a special way to surprise him.

Online cake and flowers

A birthday without cake is not a proper celebration actually. Order some early morning flowers for your father with a greeting card and write down your message on it. As he opens the door in the early morning, he will be enthralled with his favourite flowers and a wonderful greeting card. MyFlowerApp provides you all such ways to order flowers online, in every cities including Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata. You can order a cake online in the midnight or on the same day and surprise him. A photo cake, heart-shaped cake, or any other sugar free cake in his favorite flavor can make his day for sure!

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