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By on March 1, 2020
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With the increasing employee size of a company, there comes a need to employ a separate workforce for managing data. Handling this much huge data is a very cumbersome process for any company and duplication, repetitiveness and re-examination of the same data involves a lot of time and effort. There used to be a time when a junior employee would write down all the data using a pen and a paper and then get it checked from his senior employee. In case there was some discrepancy found, all the data of that page had to be re-written which consumed twice the amount of time which would have otherwise been utilized in some other work.

 Now came the time of computers, where data could be stored and edited rapidly, however, only after all the data was entered, was the employee able to get it checked, and again, changes had to be made accordingly. With the advent of data integration platforms like Mulesoft Experts, this process was made even faster. This platform eliminated the need to send and receive the same file again and again to make amendments. Data could be saved and edited on the same platform and was simultaneously updated on all the systems. This eliminated the need to share multiple files, to make changes. Changes and amendments were made online, through these online data integration platform and were automatically updated on all systems linked to it. Also, big storage capacity on systems was no longer a requirement.

This was a very basic feature, which was later on expanded to increase its area. Now, even people sitting in various locations could access the same data at the same time, or even at different times, just by having access to this. So this meant that a unified platform for storing data was created which helped a company to make data rapidly available to all its employees across the globe. This was a very basic service, advancements in which were introduced by Mulesoft Service Providers.

These were the new features that Mulesoft introduced for its users:

  1. Data from various applications were stored on the online platform provided by this platform. So it made compatible different applications linked to this. 
  2. Along with these applications being compatible with Mulesoft, data from these applications could be integrated within themselves so that there was no need to enter the same data that was already stored in some applications.
  3. Any new software or application could now be readily made available for usage because of the high speed of the system due to higher storage being available. Also, there was no need to re-enter the company’s previous data. It was automatically updated in the new application just by making it linked with this platform.
  4. Notifications of necessary information were automatically received by everyone on their systems.

This made work look more like a round table meeting, where anything and everything delivered by a single person was received by everyone present there at the same moment and time, so that the need to repeat the same information is eliminated. 


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