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By on February 26, 2020
hiking in Prague

Hiking is considered to be one of the most important things when you are traveling to some other place. If you are not going for hiking, then you are missing some pleasures. The same is the scenario when you are in Prague. When you are here, go must for hiking in Prague.

There are so many places which are famous as Czech Republic hiking trails. Yes, you read it right. There will be known in need for you to feel like you can only go by bus tour. Hiking will be the best option for you to consider when you are here. If you are not sure where you can look forward to hiking in Prague then here some of the options are mentioned, which you can consider.

These are:

  • Vinoř to Castle Jenštejn:

This place is known to be one of the best destinations to visit when you are looking forward to hiking in Prague. This is absolute to gem in the northeast of Prague that will help you to get mesmerized by having the first step here. This place is reserved with nature and doesn’t to be the protected area for all the pheasants. When you are reaching there, you will pass through three national oak trees and a wheat field. This place is considered to be Wonderland here.

All around you will find out so many rocks which are equipped with mosses and Ferns as well. Trees are sprouting from the cracks and contributing to nature here a lot. Woodpeckers against the trees and above are also adding an extra point to the beauty of this place.

  • OboraHvězda & Břevnov Monastery:

If you want a place which you can combine with sightseeing and hiking, then this is also one of the best places to consider in the Czech Republic hiking trails. This was built for preserving the Seasons, and it is known to be the hexagonal building as well. This is considered to be the centerpiece of this area. There are so many beautiful forests are linked with this place, and here you will find bridges and works as well.

The hunting residence of formal King Ferdinand 1 was also available here, which you can explore as well. You will walk through so many e beautiful green trees and chirping of a bird, and you will find out that this place is wrapping yourself in want of nature. You just need to head towards this place, and then you will be able to explore the place as much as you can.

These are the most important destination for writing in Prague. If you wish to fill your trip with a lot of adventure, then these sides are a must-visit for you. Do not feel like you have nothing to do when you are here. Hiking will fill you with adventure and will let you explore more about the culture that prevailed. Make sure you are available with a tour guide who will help you to explore the place more beautiful, and you will be able to know about this place in more efficient manner as well.

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