Relish the Tranquil Surroundings of Bhalu Dam

By on February 21, 2020
Tranquil Surroundings of Bhalu Dam

The captivating hill station of Ranikhet is mapped in the district of Almora in Uttarakhand. It is situated at a height of 1,829mts above the level of sea. Ranikhet indeed has all the things to appease the nerves of travellers and visitors.

The entire area is lost in forgetfulness for long but then the attractive hill station was revived by the British. The literal meaning of this hill station is Queens Land. It is a tourist-spot for the adorers of the natural beauty and charm. Icing on the cake is that the place remains welcoming throughout the year, in all seasons. It is not at all wrong to state that Ranikhet is a place which reflects the finest of great Himalayas. The delightful and regal views of pine trees, plush green forests, subtle plant life, fascinating wild life, the perfumed breeze of mountains, the refreshing and pure ambience and the melodious chirping of birds make this place no less than a paradise on earth. Come on, no need to feel anxious about your stay, you can find great hotels in ranikhet Uttarakhand India.

Bhalu Dam

Bhaludam which is situated near Ranikhet is a very popular attraction for visitors. Itis a tiny lake constructed artificially. The sight of the dam is endowed with natural beauties and charms. The panoramic views of Himalayan Mountains, captivating calmness and picturesque surroundings make this place blissful for everybody.

Then a small but gorgeous garden near the dam is marvellous. The singing of the birds, the refreshing breeze and the splendid snow-capped valleys make the entire area of the dam an ideal holidaying spot for everybody. The enriching dam sight is open throughout the year for traveling buffs and nature admirers.

The dam is the chief source of water supply in the town. It is around 3.2 km from Chaubatia. The place is also famous for fishing activities too. Actually, it is a lake prevailing in the reserved forest. The lake was built in the year 1903 by the British Government. The environs of this lake cater views of Himalayan peaks and it is also a famous spot for carrying out picnics and camping.

The best part about Bhalu dam and its surroundings is that there is a lot of freshness and tranquillity. No matter you are a kid, a youngster, or an old fellow, you are going to get immense peace in its realm. The beautiful vistas and cool ambience make people stay there for hours and even days. Believe it or not, once you visit the spot, the rejuvenation you are going to get from there will linger on for a longer time. You will definitely curdle some of the exclusive, cherishing and loving moments of your life.

In a nutshell, if you visit any of the Areas near to this dam, don’t forget to visit it.

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