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When it is the onset of March, it brings the vibes of festivities. This month is all about colors, hue, and vibrancy. But, of course, it indicates to that most awaited festival right? it is the month of the festival –Holi. It is the festival in which every road, every street and every home is filled with vibrancy of happiness and joyful vibes. It is the right time we choose how to surprise our dear ones as the festivals only give us the chance to convey our love through some thoughtful gifts for the affectionate ones. So, what are you up to this Holi? It is sure that you too must have started planning for this colorful occasion already. There is so much associated with this festival, beautiful rituals, gulal, abeer, rain dance, and delightful dishes. But the gift of Holi should be unique and useful too. Some of the most trending Holi gifting options are:

Herbal Gulal or Herbal Colours

As much as it is the most essential part of this celebration, the gulal or colors can affect the skin as well. There have been many issues about the harmful after effects of the chemicals used in the gulal. So, when you want to gift your close ones some colorful gulal, make sure you buy and send the herbal ones. This way, their skin is safe while their fun will be unaffected.

Dry fruits: a special gift for most of the Indian Festivals 

Dry fruits are the best option to gift someone on an Indian festival. It is used in many traditional rituals too. They can be used while preparing Sweets for Holi or can be used as Prasad offerings after doing the rituals.More overs ending dry fruits can spready our message of cordiality to your dear ones. So, buy and present someone with dry fruits, perfectly packed in a container or cover, add some other gifts or card if you like, and you are sorted for the gifting of Holi.

Celebrate Holi by pampering yourself: 

If your wish is to celebrate this festival with colours but you are worried about maintaining healthy skin at the same time, then this is the perfect gift you can give to someone. A complete hamper of her bal products such as sampoos, body oils and herbal face-wash combined with natural Holi colors canbethebestwayyoucandedicateyourwarmfeelingstowardsyourlovedones.

Cheers with some delightful beverages and your most favourite Thandai! 

OneofthekeyattractionsduringHolicelebrationisrelishingtumblersofthischilledandhealthy drink. Thandai is basically herbal beverage prepared from the blend of milk and some natural her bst hat have mildtran quilizing effects. Add some Ghujia, Dhokla or matthi along with the thandai and have your dear ones delighted. 

Mixed flower bouquet with Multi colourgulal

With a cockatil of different exotic flowers like tulips, orchids, carnation and roses, get a mixed colour bouquet along with multi coulorgulal for your close ones. It can be a gift for the elder ones and young ones as well. It is a significant festival in the North region of the country. So, you can take advantages of MyFlowerApp.Com to order flowers online in cities like Delhi, Noida, Lucknow, and many more.

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